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Why Choose Us?

Infinity Wellness  Montana’s finest Cannabis dispensary, offering the highest quality medical cannabis with a mission to good health.

When I was a sophomore in college, my mother fell down the stairs and broke her neck. I didn’t think she was going to live very much longer, but to my surprise she did. In the years that followed my mother became addicted to opiates to alieve her pain. This was very difficult for me, as I was a pharmaceutical engineer and my career drove me far from home.

About a year after I finished my Master’s degree, I was working in Virginia at Merck and my mom was in a wheelchair and not doing the best health-wise. At that time I decided to move on from the company and start a cannabis business to help my mother. That was how we started the company we have today.

Everything we do, we do it as if we were doing it for our friends and family. That is what many of the customers have become to us, and we value them greatly. Our three, soon-to-be five locations and our 5-star ratings are just reflections of our work and our commitment to you as a customer.

We now server a variety of products ranging from Flower to cartridges, extracts, pre-rolls, and a large variety of edibles.

Whether your needs are medical or recreational, we are here to serve you. We look forward to working with you and our guarantee to provide you with the best we have to offer is what drives us every day.

Multiple Locations

We covered across all of Montana, Infinity Wellness has locations in Great Falls , and Lewistown, .

5 Star Avg. Review

Our ongoing 5 Star average Customer Reviews on Leafly, Google, and Facebook speak for themselves.


At Infinity Wellness, you can place your trust in us without thinking twice. The issue with cannabis is that it is considered a sensitive commodity. Since cannabis is also a psychoactive drug, acquiring it from a reliable source is a widely acknowledged problem. Most sellers offer mids, medium-grade cannabis that lack quality.

Our core focus at Infinity Wellness revolves around providing premium quality cannabis meds that can aid you in providing the ultimate cure. We offer a broad variety of products such that no need is too small or too large to meet. From flower to vapes, all our cannabis products are made with the greatest care. For us at Infinity Wellness, customers are the priority. For all the people in Montana, we ensure greatness through multiple quality checks before rolling out any products in all our dispensaries. A rigorous process of quality control is carried out on regular basis to make sure only the best version exists.

Therefore, invest your trust in Infinity Wellness and look nowhere else.

Montana’s Fastest Growing Provider

Infinity Wellness spread all across Montana so that no region remains unreached. Currently, our dispensaries are functioning in Great Falls, Helena, and Lewistown, but we have active plans of expanding to Missoula, Butte, and Bozeman. Our focus is to provide apex quality products and services to customers from all the distinct regions across Montana.

We are offering a wide range of medical cannabis and related products. At all our dispensaries, we also provide group discounts for veterans, seniors, and the industry. At our dispensaries, we offer Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD varieties. Three new dispensaries are in development and will come out shortly.


We keep operations pristine from seed to store to avoid using chemicals that are rough on you and the planet.


We offer the cleanest extracts on the market with the highest potency. Purity and consistency is our motto.


Infinity Wellness Dispensary Great Falls

Infinity Wellness Dispensary Lewistown

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