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The health benefits offered by Cannabis are diverse, yet not all the places from where you can acquire it are authentic and trustable. Therefore, we bring you Infinity Wellness Dispensary in Montana, the one place you can fully trust for your medical cannabis purchases. Here, at our Dispensary, we offer only the highest quality, premium medical Cannabis products. Our effort is to see a wholesome healthy development of every individual who avails our products.

If you live in Montana, your first choice should be Infinity Wellness as there are multiple locations in which we sell our products. Our dispensaries are in Great Falls, Lewistown, and Helena. You can visit any of our three dispensaries six days a week. The opening timing varies for the weekends, if you want to inquire about something then simply do so by ringing us up on the numbers provided online. But if you do not have time to visit?

Do not worry because we just made your purchase easy as you can place your order right away from our official website.

With the health benefits of Cannabis ranging from treating pain to helping get a goodnight’s sleep, the demand for this commodity is ever-increasing. Keeping your range of needs in mind, we have created a diaspora of products that we offer. Below are mentioned the major products that you can buy at Infinity Wellness Dispensary:

Loose Flower

As the most popular part of Cannabis, we have made sure to offer varieties of cannabis flowers that you can use the way you deem fit. You can buy diverse Flowers under the category of Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. The best part is all these are super affordable.


Want to get a Cannabis puff on the go? We offer all the above-mentioned varieties rolled up and ready to be smoked. You can buy these rolls for just $10-$15 for one roll based on the product you chose.


If you are not much of a smoker but want to get your fill of that cannabis goodness that you can avail yourself the edible products. Under these we have Caramel, CBD Suckers, CBD Gummies, Cooking Oil, Lime, and Orange to name a few. You can buy these in bulk and use them to get in your daily requirement of medical Cannabis.


We do not only expertise in providing Cannabis and Cannabis-based products but also in the gear needed to utilize its benefits. From Assorted Adapters to Standing Sherlock Pipe, you can get all distinct types of gears needed to make use of your cannabis stock.


We also provide state-of-the-art Vaporizers to our customers. You can buy any out of the four varieties that we offer or even all of them!


Of all the new methods of Cannabis consumption, this one is surely gaining popularity. You can get all the advantages of medical Cannabis now in the form of topicals like the CBD Balm.

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